Aasegala Santheyalli, the third novel by M.C. Jayappa, an Assistant Librarian in Mangalore University, was released here on Wednesday.

Calling it the start of a literary movement, Vasant Kumar Perla, Programme Executive at Akashvani in Mangalore, said: “In today's consumerist society, which is divided on the basis of politics, religion, and language, the book touches on fundamental concepts of love.”

The novel follows the journey of an MA graduate who starts a resort in Kodagu. In the trials and tribulation of setting up a business, the base realities of life brings with it existential realisations for the graduate.

“The book puts forth an idea, and hopefully, the idea will be discussed and debated among society. Unfortunately, the tradition of debating ideas in the book seems to have died nowadays,” said Mr. Perla.

Shimoga District Field Publicity Officer Jitu Nidle, who spoke on the book, said there was a growth between Mr. Jayappa's first novel and his third.

“In this, he ventures out to address the meaning of life itself, and the role of love, trust, and affection,” he said.