To get 202 million units a year at provisional tariff of Rs. 3.23 a unit

It took 36 years for Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to enter into an understanding on sharing the power to be generated at Jurala.

The Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (APGENCO) on Monday agreed to provide 50 per cent of power generated from the 234 MW Priyadarshini Jurala Hydro Power project at a relatively low rate. The idea of sharing half of power from this project took shape in 1976, when the project was conceived.

The 50 per cent power-sharing arrangement was finalised since 2,466 acres of land was submerged in Karnataka by the backwaters of the Jurala project, which is an irrigation and power project. Though the project that has six generating units with a capacity of 39.1 MW each was commissioned in 2011, it had not been possible for Karnataka to get its share of power due to technical problems in finalising the terms and conditions. However, all such formalities have now been completed with the keen interest taken by the officials of both the States. According to the Karnataka power sector officials, Karnataka will get 202 million units of energy each in 20014-15 and 2015-16, with an installed capacity of 117 MW from this project. The State’s share of energy will be pegged at 174 million units a year from 2016-17 onwards.

Separate power purchase agreements in this regard for a period of 35 years were signed by Escoms of Karnataka with the APGENCO on Monday.

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