Constitutional institutions like the Comptroller and Auditor General and Election Commission should function in a healthy manner, Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj said here on Tuesday.

“Constitutional institutions like CAG and EC should function in healthy manner. Only then democracy can flourish,” he said during his inaugural address at the CAG’s 150th Anniversary celebrations here today.

“When we fail in ensuring proper functioning of such institutions, it has an adverse impact on democracy. There has to be some sort of mechanism to uphold the trust of people,” Mr. Bhardwaj said.

He said a strong treasury was necessary to provide good governance and this can be done by CAG as it provides an account of each and every penny that is collected by way of tax from the public.

Institutions like EC, CAG, Legislature and constitutional officers enable good governance. “Man is subject to correction while constitutional institutions like these cannot fail,” Mr. Bhardwaj said.

Principal Accountant General Karnataka D J Bhadra said Karnataka was the first State in the country to take up auditing of gram panchayats through CAG.

“We have tied up with social audit groups to form a synergy for public good,” he said.