Vijay Karnataka journalists Mrityunjay Yellappamath (Chikkodi) and Raju Ustad (Belgaum) were beaten up on Wednesday, allegedly by around eight youths.

The police have arrested four persons following a complaint by the journalists at the APMC police station. The arrested are Basavaraj Siddappa Lakati, Syed Patel, Suresh Singari and Mahantesh Kudachi.

Mr. Yellappamath and Mr. Ustad, who, along with other journalists, met Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil, said that they were beaten up over a petty issue.

They said the incident occurred when they were riding to Mr. Ustad’s house in Hanuman Nagar after attending a press conference.

They said that as Mr. Yellappamath turned from the main road towards Hanuman Nagar 2nd Stage, a car came towards them from the wrong side, which they didn’t consider a problem as the road on the other side of the median was being repaired. Mr. Yellappamath gestured to the car driver to keep moving.

According to them, the car occupants took offence and one of the youths came out of the car and picked an argument with them.

They said that the youth then called the others in the car and all of them started hitting them (the journalists). A few other youths, who came to the spot, also started raining blows on them.

The journalists said that they were then pulled into the car, taken to a bungalow nearby and beaten up further.

Meanwhile, three policemen, including an assistant sub-inspector, arrived on the spot as Mr. Ustad had called the police control room while the argument was going on.

Later, Mr. Yellappamath and Mr. Ustad were taken to the district government hospital.


The journalists, who overheard a police officer advising the accused to register a counter complaint rushed to meet Mr. Patil, who assured them of arresting all the accused. He also assured them of taking disciplinary action against the police officers for delaying the arrests.

The police are on the lookout for the other four persons.

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