The increase in the number of vehicles on the Bangalore-Mysore State Highway has led to a corresponding spurt in the number of eateries along the route.

A little over a decade ago, one or two mid-way restaurants in Maddur and Ramanagaram used to be the only options. Apart from multinational fast food chains (KFC and McDonalds), other popular food outlets such as Café Coffee Day, Empire and Adigas, now dot the highway, along with the eateries — Taj Biriyani and Kamat Yatri Nivas — that existed earlier.

The last few months have seen two large food courts too coming up at Maddur and Mandya on the highway.

Partner of Shivalli restaurant Girishekara Kalkur said that many restaurateurs have realised the business potential of setting up shop on the highway and are cashing in on the opportunity.

“The number of people travelling on the highway has increased. The competition is less and the rents are also attractive. Importantly, manpower is available in abundance,” he said. However, he said, it would take a while for the eateries to become popular among the travellers.

The business is usually high during weekends. “I barely have time running from one table to another,” said Mohammed Inaam, who waits tables at Taj Biriyani hotel at Ramanagaram.

Needless to say, travellers are now spoilt for choice.


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