‘We've swum to noisier waters with new sounds and shuffled into two combination sets'

Music lovers thronging the Hard Rock Café bit into a crunchy performance when city-based psychedelic post rock band Lounge Piranha performed there recently. The five-member group regaled the audience with its ambient sounds and rhythms.

Comprising Abhijeet Tambe and Kamal Singh on the guitars and vocals, George Mathen playing the drums, Shalini Mohan on the bass guitar and Pervez Rajan on the didgeridoo and flute, they added fresh sound to the gig.

“We've swum to noisier waters with new sounds and shuffled our way into two combination sets,” said Abhijeet. “The first set is a three-piece ensemble without the bass guitar and is heavier and non-melodic. The second set has Shonali with us and carries more of our ‘Going Nowhere' album's musicality,” he explained.

“It's an effort to redo our impression on people who may have gotten comfortable with our original style. It's more challenging and gives us room to innovate and reinvent our music,” he added.

The concert began with an instrumental torrent that flowed on with a rousing rush. Displaying impeccable guitar skills, Kunal and Abhijeet opened the floodgates with some hard-hitting, heavy sounds.

A blitz of tumultuous drumming began as the trio went into an intense number and the crowd began their head-banging.

The unique sounds continued as Pervez, on the flute, joined the trio in a power-driving song that carried forward their style of eccentricity.

A hard rock remake of a popular south Indian film song had the crowd roaring for more. The second half saw Shonali with the bass as Lounge Piranha played on into the night with songs from their 2008 debut album ‘Going Nowhere'.


CultureJanuary 13, 2011