The one thing that worries me when we have guests at home is whether we have enough snacks to offer them. Reason: in my house, nothing, even remotely edible, survives longer than a day. This is when I realise how glad I am for the invention of the staple south Indian beverage, coffee. While visitors may leave a plateful of biscuits uneaten, none will refuse a cup of steaming filter coffee. The Indian tummy is never too full for a cuppa; mornings never beginning without one.

And there's Kalmane Koffees, Jayanagar, that proves that the taste of filter coffee can never go out of fashion.

If the various darshinis in Jayanagar 4th Block complex are the preferred lunching spots, the street-side popcorn and ice-cream the most favourite dessert, a cup of Kalmane Koffees is just what thirsty shoppers need to rejuvenate themselves… for another round of shopping. The aroma of the rich brown beans fills your senses as you enter.

At Kalmane, the customer sees the coffee being roasted and ground right there. What's more, it serves coffee to suit every taste bud. The hot regular premium coffee priced at a mere Rs.15, served in shiny steel glass gives you a feel of the office canteen. It also has a range of cold coffee offerings from mocha to latte, each blended according to your personal choice.

What gives Kalmane an edge over the others is the variety of blends it has on offer — from Bluegrass to bittersweet Catanta, to the most popular Mysore Nuggets. The latter gives you the true flavour of the 125-year-old Kalmane coffee estate in Chikmagalur.

The outlet in Jayanagar is the only one not situated in a mall, making its coffee more accessible to both college goers and the older generation, almost as if it is attempting to bridge the gap between the old and the new.

The taste of a Kalmane Koffees lingers long after you've stepped out of the joint. Not to worry though. The company even offers to home-deliver the blend of your choice at retail prices.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011