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Updated: August 18, 2009 09:31 IST

Jaswant’s views on Jinnah against party’s ideology: Sushma

Neena Vyas
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Jaswant Singh and Sushma Swaraj in front of the Parliament building in New Delhi .
The Hindu
Jaswant Singh and Sushma Swaraj in front of the Parliament building in New Delhi .

BJP’s deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj has indicated that party leader Jaswant Singh’s views on Pakistan founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah expressed in his book released here on Monday would “certainly” be the subject of a detailed discussion at the party’s three-day brainstorming session in Shimla due to begin on Wednesday.

“Denigrating Sardar Patel [India’s first Home Minister] and eulogising Jinnah were views that were totally against the party’s basic ideology and belief,” she said while suggesting that on this there could be and would be no compromise. While a formal and more detailed reaction from the party is expected on Tuesday, party leaders did say that such a book from Mr. Singh was not needed at all and would send a “very wrong message” to the party cadre for the party believes that Patel helped consolidate India by bringing the erstwhile princely States around to recognising the new Indian state and it was “totally unacceptable” for a senior leader to view Patel as the man responsible for Partition.

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the rejoining of singh in his party prove at least the fact that truth alone triumph.

from:  kgk vayalar
Posted on: Jun 28, 2010 at 21:50 IST

J.Singh was correct in attracting attention. His book has a value. The future will prove this. What was wrong in the formation of Pakistan? Even communist Soviet Union became more than one country with more than one government. Partition of India was not a big sin at all. Past is past. If we want to reunite we should not condemn the leaders like Jinnah, only through love can we reunite. I believe that Mr. Singh has a patriotic good intention which was misunderstood by people who have average level intelligence. In my view the author has deep interest in the unity of countries in the Indian subcontinent.

from:  K.G.K. Vayalar
Posted on: Nov 8, 2009 at 19:02 IST

Real Issue is not Mr. Jaswant Singh's (a man of high moral principles) book as he has full right to express his views in a democratic society.
Everybody suffered the partition: the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities and many of them never recovered from it and still living in conditions resulting from long-continued lack or insufficiency of food and basic necessities of life. Look at the impoverished people living in slums in the metropolises of India, villages etc. Where are the right thinking politicians with the eminent ability, foresight and unselfish devotion to the interest of his country and especially the welfare of the poverty-stricken people? What one sees are politicians who engage in dirty poltics for party ends and their own advantage. Furthermore they are more concerned to win favour and retain power than to maintain principles.
I fully agree with the comment of Tariq Salam here: "We may get freedom from British in 1947 but not from poverty, illiteracy, hunger and exploitation".

from:  Tarun Bedi
Posted on: Sep 1, 2009 at 04:50 IST

I didn't read the book but the comments of Mr. Singh are not new for us, living in Pakistan. Our (distorted) history books categorally mentioned that Mr. Jinnah wanted united India but due to attitude of Congress leadership, he changed his instance and demanded separate home land for Muslim.
My parents, grand parents migrated from Delhi. They suffered a lot during the partition. My grand mother, died in 1984, at the age of 74, always blamed the politicians of that time.
Due to my nature of job, I met lot of people from India (nearly all of them Hindus), some of us become good friends (nothing unusual). We 100 times asked ourselves if we could move across borders like European do or have good relationships! The answers were always NO. Reason…..the self centered political elite. Maybe we are oversimplifying the complex issue, but this was we got in our frank conversation.
In my opinion, the leadership of India and Pakistan missed the real good opportunity during the Agra summit, held on July 15th and 16th, 2001, between Pakistani President Musharraf and Indian Prime Indian Vajpayee. Its failure dashed any hope of peace in near future. I even lost any kind of hope to see even ‘working relations’ between both the countries.
Personally speaking the remarks of Mr. Singh didn't amuse me at all, because it doesn't matter now. We may get freedom from British in 1947 but not from poverty, illiteracy, hunger and exploitation.

from:  Tariq Salam
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009 at 19:48 IST

Partition was basically good for India. In fact there should be more such partitions. All Indian states should have their own flags and constitutions. The central government should be responsible only for defense, currency, foreign affairs. Then, the state governments can be more efficient and responsible.

from:  Balhara
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009 at 17:04 IST

The BJP was defeated in the recent general elections due to lack of unity of their senior leaders, still they are not in a position to realize that.Instead of reconstructing the party in this crisis period the leaders are seeking for their own fame. Instead of writing books, fight against chronic problems. Please leave the past. Look to the future.

from:  Siva
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009 at 10:42 IST

BJP needs to focus on its own bigger issues, rather than commenting on Jaswant's personal view. Also, I see this as a gimmick by Mr. Jaswant Singh to dissociate himself from the BJP and to pose as a secularist by praising Jinnah.

from:  Kala G
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009 at 05:19 IST

Mr.Singh has got every right to put up an opinion and while doing so ,that is while he was bringing the book in the public he did mention that he wrote the book not as a senior leader of the BJP (whose ideology may not concide with that of the book) but as a senior parliamentarian...

and I personally don't think that it is an issue of such grave importance as this book is just Mr. Singh's view of the way things unfolded...

from:  Abhishay Jain
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 21:43 IST

When Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code was first published, it evoked a strong wave of protest from the Church. The work though a fictional one, was perceived by the church to be a danger to the faith.The book by Mr.Jaswanth Singh, by virtue of touching the painful chord of the days of Partition, must have been written to wake up the reactionary forces who have gone into a slumber after the debacle of BJP in the polls and before. The author's agenda is certainly not to turn into a historian by basing the Partition theory on his thoughts. Rather he has a well thought out plan for bringing himself into the centerstage of politics that he wishes to occupy.

from:  Sunil Anandapadmanabhan
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 17:30 IST

Jaswant Singh is right to express his opinion. The only sensible thing for the BJP leadership to do is write another book, a rebuttal of Jasvant's book. Meanwhile it should focus on the poverty alleviation in India. India has bigger problems of its own; leave Pakistan alone; it has already been created and recognised by India from day one. Why go into the past? Look to the future.

from:  Zahoor Mann
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 16:29 IST

While I would agree to say Jinnah was more secularist than Nehru or Patel, it is worthwhile to examine the thesis: that unless we look at the root causes of partition, we are likely to invite another or a split in the country due to political disagreement. If this is accepted, then demonising Jinnah is not worth its while.

from:  Swapan Chakravarthy
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 14:28 IST

My question is why such a statement after 62 yrs of partition? what are the possible outcomes of this statement? if you analyse the comments and the timing, it seems like a more desperate attempt by the BJP. It will tackle two main issues for their defeat in the national elections 1) By terming Jinnah as secular, BJP is trying to go soft on muslims and trying to gain their support, by calling Jinnah a secular muslim. (2) Its trying to marginalize Congress leaders and their contribution towards Indian independence and the reason for partition, something RSS is accused of.

from:  Madarasi
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 14:20 IST

Partition ,Jinnah etc have always been a controversial issue, and actually used as a tool to igain publicity. For the partition of country ,numerous factors were responsible. Jinnah, although a secular man in the beginning had transformed himself into partisan lines for gaining the thrust from the wave of Muslim groups. If Mr. Jaswant Singh wants to place the blame squarely on Sardar Patel and Nehru , its nothing more than a biased,skewed view of partition and its reasons. However, its difficult to judge Jaswant Sinha's intention here, consdering that his party would never support such a stand. Neverthless, the only way to treat this "fabricated" historical interpretation is to ignore it , Jaswant Sinha is no historian.

from:  Siddharth
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 12:05 IST

These comments are not needed at all.Why he is provoking such a futile thing through his book.The main reason for the defeat of the BJP in the election is the failure of unity among the members of the party.Now think,they will have meeting on this issue for 3 days as if india is free from other issues.They should help the government in devising new ways to get rid of Swine Flu,Drought,Terrioism etc and these people are spending the time in making the accusation and will find out who is right and who is wrong.

from:  Himanshu Goyal
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 11:14 IST

it is a good thing to respect the emotions of others. what is the use of criticism on a leader who is well respected in a place other than india. patriotism is not disrespecting other persons. no need to criticism on jaswanth.if the final aim of sangh parivar is the unity of all geographical parts of indian subcontinent response wisely without silly emotions.please see babar the great article in my blog.kgkvayalar

from:  kgk vayalar
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 10:47 IST

This incident again shows the complete immaturity of the political class and parties in India. Scholarship has been colonised by some strange thing called party discipline - which in the BJP is very visible these days in picking on a state level woman leader while the big fish go free! We keep talking about lack of scholarship amongst our leaders and when a half-decent book comes along, we just cannot bring ourselves to debate it, let alone accept its premises!

from:  Arvind S
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 09:43 IST

Kudos to Jaswant Singh for expressing a opinion outside the realm of Sangh Parivar's beleif. Hopefuly such actions will betray the non-democratic small minded soldiers of Parivar ... one of whom just got exposed when she thinks an educated opinion of her leader is "totally unacceptable" .. and pave the way for a democratic party.

from:  Anand
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009 at 02:57 IST
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