Under instructions from the Election Commission, the Excise department in Manipur had seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor bottles worth over Rs. 4,50,000. Fines amounting to a little over Rs. 2,00,000 were also collected from the bootleggers. The seized bottles were smashed and liquor burned in presence of lensmen.

However officials admit that the action by the authorites is limited and only for a temporary period. Many believe that liquor flowed perennially from the ubiquitous.

In view of the widespread drinking habit among the men, the insurgents had closed down the 65 licenced foreign liquor shops and 3 bonded warehouses. However the people could not be weaned away from this habit. On the other hand, those who have benefitted from the thriving IMFL and spurious liquor businesses, sabotaged the campaign. Eventually the insurgents slowed down the campaign. Now truckloads of IMFL bottles are smuggled into Imphal from Assam and Meghalaya. Besides the canteens in the Manipur Rifles camps are freely selling the IMFL bottles which are manufactured at roadside factories.