Describes U.P. government action "sinful and sacrilegious"

Suspended Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal has found solidarity from the former Director-General of Police, Gujarat, R.B. Sreekumar, who fell out with Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his role against the government in the 2002 communal riots.

In his letter to Ms. Nagpal, Mr. Sreekumar described the action of the Uttar Pradesh government as “sinful and sacrilegious.” He appreciated the IAS officer for her “rare courage, ignoring the requirements of the prevailing culture of self-serving submission to the verbal diktats of unethical political bureaucracy.”

Mr. Sreekumar pointed out that in “civil service, of late, competitive and anticipatory sycophancy for material gains is the order of the day.”

“A sizeable number of bureaucrats and police, though personally remain non-corrupt, unlike officers like you, do not intervene effectively to counter and neutralise the burgeoning evils and remain as spectators like Bheeshma, Drona and Kripa allowing molestation of Maharani Draupadi in the Kaurava darbar. In today’s India, the Rule of Law, the beloved daughter of our Constitution, is being disrobed by many people and those who have to stop this nonsense, unfortunately keep themselves aloof like a band of cowards,” Mr. Sreekumar wrote.

“In this context, I salute you for not joining the gang of such insensitive civil servants,” he added.