The Goa Commission for Non Resident Indians Affairs has mooted an “Emergency Repatriation Fund” to provide for deserving cases of hardship suffered by goans working abroad.

Goa Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro announced here on Friday that some cases of great hardship had come to his notice and it was decided to create a fund to meet the expenses when it is proved that the party or the next of kin are not in a financial position to do so.

The former External Affairs Minister said sometimes these workers are cheated by recruiting agents or denied wages by unscrupulous employers and then get stranded or land in jail. There are also cases of workers meeting with serious accidents and having to be rushed back for treatment. In some cases, the bodies of those who die abroad cannot be brought back when sponsors refuse to meet transportation expenses.

In reply to a question, he said there were no reports of any goan having been attacked in Australia. This, he said, is, however, no reason for complacency.

He lauded the goan associations in Australia for heir work in support of goan students. Goan students should contact the associations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth on arrival, Mr. Faleiro said.