It will broaden India's capability to provide humanitarian assistance

The United States on Tuesday welcomed reports of the sale of 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to the Indian Air Force, stating that the acquisition will significantly boost the IAF heavy transport capabilities.

On Monday, India cleared the purchase of these heavy-lift transport aircraft at a cost of Rs.18,000 crore (approximately $4.1 billion).

“This sale captures the mutual benefits of the U.S. – India global partnership.  For India, the sale adds strategic and humanitarian muscle to its defence needs.  The sale grows and sustains 23,000 jobs in America. For both countries, the sale will further strengthen the strategic ties between the U.S. and Indian armed forces, leading to enhanced cooperation for a safer and more secure region and world,” U.S. Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer said in a statement issued here.

The aircraft, he said, would broaden India's capability to provide humanitarian assistance to people devastated by natural disasters; to deploy peacekeeping troops around the world to secure peace in dangerous areas; and to evacuate its citizens and others from areas of civil strife anywhere in the world. “This is indicative of the growing military and humanitarian ties between our two democracies,” Mr. Roemer said.

“From joint training exercises to defence sales and ship visits, the United States remains committed to sharing expertise and cutting-edge technology with India, and in a way that both countries draw economic benefits. India is a leader in maintaining regional stability in South Asia, and a partner in promoting peace and economic growth,'' the statement said, adding that besides supporting jobs in the U.S., more than 600 suppliers located in 44 States in America would benefit from the sale.

The American response came a month after Washington expressed deep disappointment after two of its companies – Boeing and Lockheed Martin – got knocked out of the race for Rs.45,000 crore (approx $10.2 billion) deal for 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft for the IAF.

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