The water woes in the city which gained utmost importance in the past couple of months, needs urgent attention and that the civic body will come out with an effective strategy for it, the newly appointed civic chief said.

“Water which is part of everyone’s daily routine is insufficient in the lakes. We are having nearly 23 per cent less water stock in lakes as compared to last year. We need to understand that we should be able to suffice the needs of city till next monsoon and accordingly come up with a solution,” Municipal Commissioner Swadhin Kshatriya, told reporters here.

“I will first study and analyze the water situation in the city. There seems to be a need for proper distribution of water, setting up and repairing more borewells and dug wells.

In my next meeting I will come out with a proper strategy that would help in resolving this water crisis,” Mr. Kshatriya said.

The newly appointed civic chief also said apart from working out on the water situation in the city, resolving financial crises and maintaining the city clean and green would also be his priority.

“Resolving water crises in the city will be my top most priority apart from looking into matters like recession and maintenance of city,” Mr. Kshatriya said.