The BJP's prime ministerial candidate appeals to Maoists to give up violence

Narendra Modi on Thursday tore into the Congress manifesto, calling it a “bundle of lies” and unkept promises, and accused the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar of “nurturing and abetting” terrorism for “vote-bank” politics.

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, who addressed two rallies in Bihar and one in Jharkhand, also revived the ‘Jayanthi tax’ barb aimed at the former Union Environment Minister, Jayanthi Natarajan, to hit out at the UPA government over alleged corru

Chaos broke out at the venue of the Gaya rally shortly before Mr. Modi was due to speak. The police resorted to a mild lathi-charge to restore order. A section of the crowd broke the wooden barricades and barged into the media enclosure, while some threw bottles and chappals at the police. The rally, however, continued.

Ahead of the rallies in Bihar, Maoists blew up two mobile towers in two areas of Gaya district.

The Gujarat Chief Minister appealed to Maoists to abjure violence and said it was his dream to see a pen or plough in the hands of the youth in their ranks and not guns.

“The Congress announced its manifesto yesterday [on Wednesday], which is a bundle of lies. They had announced the same promises in their 2004 and 2009 manifestos,” he said at his rallies.

“For any party, the manifesto is equal to the Gita, the Bible and the Koran and should not be a document to hoodwink the people,” he said, accusing the Congress of not fulfilling its past promises like controlling price rise or ensuring a job to a member of each family.