There was need to build a new Kashmir, led by youth, for ensuring peace and prosperity in the State, BJP national spokesperson Tarun Vijay said here on Tuesday.

“I have found the people, the common Kashmiris, peace-loving, wanting to have a prosperous and harmonious future, especially the youth of the Valley. I bring good wishes and prayers for happy times for them on behalf of party president Nitin Gadkari and the entire cadre,” he said.

‘Wise path very near'

He said:

“It is time for a new Kashmir led by youth to rise, leading to an era of peace, prosperity and progress. The wise, brilliant, futuristic path is at a stone's throw, spreading its arms that will ensure liberalism and happiness. We must lend an ear and guide them for the future.

“Their anger should be channelised into employment avenues. Our party president has given a special message of goodwill for the youth of Kashmir, wishing them happiness and a peaceful time ahead that must make every Indian proud.

“I would also like to salute the Kashmiri mothers, who painstakingly tried and succeeded to a great extent keeping away their children from terrorism and destructive activities. Their heart and soul witnessed mayhem, upsetting the real spirit of a composite culture of Kashmiriyat and they have stood firmly for saner and civilised values. Let's walk together.

“I invite the youth and the women power to join the BJP and create progressive entrepreneurship in the region of science, technology and protection of the environment that can become an example for the rest of India”.

Mr. Vijay complimented the Kashmiri Muslims for being in the forefront in helping Hindus.

“Welcome sign”

“A number of incidents have been noticed where the local Muslims have courageously stood with their Kashmiri Hindu brethren and helped. A large number of them want the Hindus to come back and also support those who have stayed back. It is a welcome sign that must get the national attention and accelerate the creation of a situation where all Hindus feel safe to return. One example, amongst many I heard is of Fateh Kadal, where a Shri Rama Shaiv Ashram was rebuilt by the active help from local Muslim friends. I wish such examples are highlighted by the media also,” said Mr. Vijay, a former editor of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh mouthpiece Panchjanya.