The mobile book shop offers children’s books, novels, tomes on philosophy, self-improvement

G. Krishna who is going on his motorcycle on the main road in Sangareddy suddenly stops his bike on the roadside on seeing the van of the Visalandhra mobile book store – the book shop on wheels -- being run by Visalandhra Publishing House, Hyderabad, and enquires about a book on the concepts preached by Chanakya, the legendary advisor of emperor Chandragupta Maurya. He is referred the books on the subject.

This is an indication of how there are still some people who prefer to read books in these times of laptops, tablets, pocket internet and smart phones.

Familiar enquiries

For K. Ramesh Chandra, the manager of the mobile shop, this type of enquiry is nothing new. People regularly stop by at his vehicle and ask for specific titles by some writers. On not getting what they want, they are sometimes they are disappointed and request him to bring the books during their next visit.

The mobile book shop offers children’s books, novels, tomes on philosophy, self-improvement, social books in addition to spiritual and literature related to saints and leaders. The van visits the two districts of Medak and Nizamabad once in six months for 35 days, covering all important towns.

Many people make enquiries for books related to personality development, health, literature, religion, stories for children and Vivekananda, Mr. Ramesh told The Hindu, adding that they are doing good business, thanks to some people’s preference for books.

During their one-month journey, Mr. Ramesh and his driver cook and sleep in the van as they have no choice.

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