The three girls have been chosen to be part of ace designer Krishna Mehta's entourage to Paris

The fashion industry was almost an alien concept for them until six months ago. Relying on their innate talent coupled with adequate and timely help by their institute, they are all set to touch the sky.

N. Yasoda (20), Indira Priyadarsini (24) and V. Naga Pavani (20), come from an economically humble background, a disadvantage that was never allowed to suppress their soaring dreams. The girls are on cloud nine as they have been selected to be part of ace Indian designer Krishna Mehta's entourage to the world's fashion capital, Paris.

Make a mark

Following their instinct that propelled them to dream big, the girls chose fashion design as their career and joined the city-based Samana Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT). Barely six months into the course, the three of them have already made a mark, prompting their faculty members to sit up and take note of their extraordinary talent.

During their month-long stay in the Mecca of fashion industry, the city girls will not only master the nuances of high fashion but will also get a platform to showcase their skills in reputable fashion houses.

Their cuts are impressive and their finishing astonishingly fine. “Their choice of colours and finishing is mind-blowing. Right from day one, I had an eye on these girls, especially Yasoda who is a gifted child. I am keen on promoting their talent on an international arena and I am sure it wouldn't be too long before they master the nitty-gritty of the world fashion industry,” says Samana Moosavi, CEO of SIFT.

All tense

Yasoda's father is a watchman in the local museum and mother, a housewife, who weaves baskets to supplement his meagre income. Indira's father works as a lorry driver back home in Visannapet and Pavani's father is a lineman in the Telecom Department.

All three of them are a bundle of nervousness and exhilaration. They are tense at the thought of facing an unfamiliar glamour world and rapturous over the wide scope of growth it would offer.