Form human chains opposing move to divide State

United Andhra Pradesh supporters on Friday conducted rallies and formed human chains in the district asking the Congress not to take any decision in favour of Telangana State saying that it would affect the interests of backward areas such as Srikakulam. Agitators staged a protest in front of the house of Union Minister of State for Communications and Technology Killi Kruparani at Tekkali asking her to make a statement in favour of United Andhra Pradesh. They raised slogans against the Congress alleging that the party was taking decisions keeping its political gains in view.

The Minister said that she had already conveyed the feelings of local people and there was no need to reiterate her stand. In Srikakulam, YSR Congress leader Duppala Ravindrababu said that the Congress decision would affect the lives of every individual in Andhra region.

He also participated in the human chain organised at Potti Sriramulu Junction saying that the people were ready to teach a lesson to the Congress as it was not considering the feelings of Andhra people.

The College students organised another human chain at Arasavilli Junction while raising slogans in favour of United Andhra Pradesh. YSRC leader Narsu Naidu said that the students would intensify the agitation. APNGOs Association State Associate president Chowdary Purushottam Naidu, the Association leaders Hanumanthu Sairam and General Secretary B. Uma Maheswara Rao have warned that the entire administration would come to a standstill if any decision was taken in favour of Telangana State.

They alleged that the proper survey was not conducted to establish the backwardness of each region. They felt that all the areas of north Andhra region barring Visakhapatnam town would come under backward area. They asked the government to conduct ground level survey before taking decision over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.