Stepping up his attack against the alleged cultural domination of non-Telangana people, TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Sunday demanded that the Andhra Pradesh government stop using a song which he said is “anti—Telangana“.

The song - ‘Maa Telugu Talliki Malle Poodanda’ - that hails the mystic Telugu mother is against Telangana people and culture and its use at official functions is an insult to the region, he told reporters here.

He wondered how can the song be used at official functions when it does not have any official status.

“With what authority and whose permission, the song is being used at official functions. Chief Minister Rosaiah has insulted Telangana by praising the song at the official function on the occasion of AP Formation Day today,” Rao said.

The state government should stop playing the song at official functions immediately, he demanded.

Taking exception to the detention of TRS leaders and workers, while protesting against AP Formation Day celebrations, Mr. Rao said the action against his party is “anti-democracy”.

“Don’t we have the right to protest? We observe Formation Day as a day of betrayal. Why should our leaders and workers be arrested when we protest? We demand an explanation and apology from the Chief Minister on these issues” the TRS president said.

TRS observes Andhra Pradesh Formation Day on November 1 as ‘black day’.