Party ready to give a letter to this effect if Congress concedes Telangana

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) on Wednesday offered to release a letter merging the party with Congress if the latter conceded separate Telangana in its form prior to 1956 with Hyderabad as capital.

“Let Congress president Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi or Ghulam Nabi Azad announce formation of Telangana State, the TRS will release the letter on merger of the party”, TRS MLA T. Harish Rao told a press conference here on Wednesday.

He asked Congress MP Madhu Yaskhi to collect the letter from TRS but let him or another MP V. Hanumantha Rao not issue statements that Telangana will get Statehood if TRS was merged with Congress.

Mr. Rao demanded an unconditional apology from Rajahmundry MP V. Arun Kumar for distorting the words of KCR and thereby insulting Mahatma Gandhi. KCR had actually stated that India became independent because of the struggles by its people and not on account of mercy shown by the British. But, KCR was misquoted as saying the freedom was achieved due to the kindness of the British.

At a separate press conference, TRS MLA Jupally Krishna Rao criticised Mr. Arun Kumar for provoking the people of Telangana by comparing them with the likes of Razakar leader Qasim Razvi. He wondered what the leaders of coastal districts expected if they did not appreciate the peaceful movement for separate Telangana.

Fresh case against KCR

Tirupati Staff Reporter adds: A private case was filed in the Tirupati court by a local lawyer against KCR and TJAC convener Kodandaram for their alleged derogatory remarks against Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi and hurting patriotic sentiments of the people .


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