Adding salt to the bruised ego of the Congress, TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that his party would romp home in Telangana after the elections. He also predicted that his party would come up with a spectacular show in the coming polls.

Addressing a well-attended public meeting at Gadwal in Mahabubnagar on Thursday, Mr. Rao said that he would not rest till he saw green pastures.

He would strive to create an ayacut of 14 lakh acres proportionate to the 14 Assembly constituencies in the district. Mahabubnagar district had received a raw deal in water allocation in the integrated State, he bemoaned. He welcomed YSR Congress leader B. Krishna Mohan Reddy, who joined the TRS on the occasion.

Mr. Rao said he felt proud that separate Telangana had become a reality during his present term as MP representing Mahabubnagar.

Wondering why Gadwal was a chronic drought-hit area in spite of Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers flowing on either side, Mr. Rao promised to dig a link canal from Jurala project to irrigate the surrounding mandals. In this context, he recalled that Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu assured water to Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme from Jurala 12 years ago, but had failed to keep his word.

Mr. Rao later announced Mr. Mohan Reddy as TRS candidate for the Gadwal Assembly seat in the elections. The latter had lost to sitting MLA, former Minister D.K. Aruna as a candidate of Telugu Desam by a narrow margin in 2009 elections.

Incidentally, Ms. Aruna’s close associate Bakka Chandranna also joined the TRS on Thursday.