TRS’ response to rally perceived to be “low key”, BJP sees opportunity to reiterate its commitment

The proposed Telangana March, an event planned by the Joint Action Committee (JAC) as part of Telangana people’s “expression of right” appears to have become a platform to display one-upmanship between the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

‘Low key’

With the response from TRS to the proposed rally perceived to be “low key”, the BJP saw an opportunity to reiterate its commitment to the cause by seizing the initiative.

Presence of party senior leader Bandaru Dattatreya in the meeting with the State Ministers on Friday and the party’s emergency office-bearers’ meeting on Saturday were indicators of the party’s readiness to utilise the event as a platform to mobilise mass support.

“The lukewarm enthusiasm shown by the TRS shows that the party is still in confusion,” a senior leader said, adding that this could partly be attributed to the “not so convenient” relationship the TRS party has with TJAC chairman M. Kodandaram of late. Senior BJP leaders are, however, aware of the scope that the TRS has, in spite of lukewarm response, in walking away with the honours owing to its capabilities of mass mobilisation, which has been proven more than once in the past.

The BJP, with its own apprehensions of a smooth conduct of the rally in the face of obstacles put up by the police, is of the view that upstaging the TRS at this juncture would not be an easy task.

“The TJAC, which is organising the rally, is full of sympathisers including employees or students who are related to the TRS either directly or indirectly,” a senior leader said.


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