The lack of coordination among the grassroots leadership and trouble from rebels continue to threaten the prospects of the TDP-BJP alliance in both regions.

Cracking the whip, the TDP has suspended rebels S. Durgaprasada Rao and R. Jitender Goud, who posed challenges to official candidates in the Kadapa and Guntakal Assembly segments, despite ‘counselling’ by the party leadership. The suspension came after the TDP faced uncomfortable questions from the saffron party over its commitment to the alliance.

Interestingly, a TDP rebel contesting the Santanutalapadu seat has been spared as the BJP is said to have surrendered the seat to the TDP.

“They [the BJP] have some problems with their candidate and [have] surrendered the seat,” a member of the party affairs committee told The Hindu.

The TDP has also suspended six others – N. Jayaraj (Kurupam), K. Ravi Babu (Araku), S. Anita (Bhimli), M.V.S.N. Verma (Pithapuram), K. Satyanarayana (Tadepalligudem) and T.V. Rama Rao (Kovvur) – who defied the party line and threatened to spoil the chances of the official nominees. However, despite the suspensions, all is not well in the alliance – there has been little coordination between lower-rung leaders and the cadre of both parties. TDP leaders complain of “extra enthusiasm” from the BJP’s grassroots leadership.

Though TDP leaders are unwilling to elaborate on their “enthusiasm” charge against the saffron cadre, they appear apprehensive that the TDP’s traditional minority vote base could be disturbed in some constituencies, particularly in southern Telangana and Rayalaseema. While there is still time for ironing out issues in Seemandhra, what is worrying the TDP leaders is the impact the lack of coordination would have in Telangana, where elections are barely four days away.

Landed in a tricky situation as they are, the leadership of both parties are working overtime to ensure the cadre work in unison as it is the only way to secure effective transfer of vote to their respective candidates.