Grown with organic compost and no chemicals, mangoes from the prison are known for sweet pulp and preservative qualities.

Here is good news for mango lovers. The Central Prison here is delivering tasty and healthy mangoes to the open market. One would be surprised to know how a prison would supply mangoes. People in and around Rajahmundry eagerly waiting for the king of fruits that are grown by prisoners every year is a fact. Grown in the sprawling orchards on the jail premises using only organic compost, the mangoes are quite a customers’ delight.

The 40-acre orchard in this semi-open jail has 750 trees that provide tasty mangoes which can be preserved for longer periods. Imam Pasand, Suvarna Rekha, Peda Rasalu, China Rasalu, Mallikalu, Collector and Banginapalli, to name a few, are the varieties that are grown inside the Central Prison. Some of them are known for their sweet pulp, while others, though sour in taste, are ideal for pickles. Incidentally, pickles prepared using these mangoes have good export value, thanks to their preservative qualities. Deputy Inspector-General (Prisons), Coastal Region, A. Narasimha and Rajahmundry Central Prison Superintendent K. Newton inaugurated the sale of mangoes at the prison on Monday. Speaking to the media, Mr. Narasimha said the Central Prison had generated Rs. 3.34 lakh from the sale of mangoes last year, and that the income was expected to cross Rs. 5 lakh this year. “The revenue generated from selling the mangoes is utilised for the welfare of prisoners across the State,” he added.

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