Students of the Sai Baba Central School here took the centre-stage during a lively group discussion held in the school to help them develop leadership qualities.

The discussion on ‘Which is the most important among Wealth, Education, Power and Values?’ was aimed at enhancing their problem solving capacity and development of critical thinking.

N. Likith, A. Veena and M. Gayatri, who spoke on importance of wealth, were articulate as also K. Priya Darshini, L. Tanuja and P. Panya and Ch. Sravani, who discussed the importance of education.

Another set of students — A. Hari Priya, N. Tarun, and V. Gayatri — underscored the importance of power. Yet another group comprising M. Lahari, B. Likhitha and A. Anjali stressed on the importance of human values. Ch. Sravani moderated the thought-provoking discussion, which helped students hone their skills like interpersonal communication, leadership qualities and team building. Students in the process developed logical thinking, examined a topic thoroughly and arrived at a balanced conclusion.