Police have a tough time controlling both sides

Skirmishes continued for the second day on Monday between the supporters of Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh and a section of activists of the Samaikyandhra movement. The police had a tough time controlling both sides, which resorted to a showdown at Mourya Inn Complex, owned by Mr. Venkatesh.

Members of JAC of Advocates who were hurt when footwear was thrown at their camp on Sunday, planned to demonstrate before the office complex of Mr. Venkatesh on Monday and took out a rally. The police stopped the rally at Rajvihar centre saying they would not allow any demonstrations or disturbances on the eve of the Ganesh idols’ immersion.

Around the same time, the supporters of Mr. Venkatesh, who gathered at Mourya Inn Complex, planned a rally against advocates. Both groups surged forward for a clash much to the anxiety of the police.

Meanwhile, Mr. Venkatesh alleged that trouble was being created by the supporters of YSR Congress leader S.V. Mohan Reddy. He said only the front layer comprising ten people were advocates while the rest were YSR Congress henchmen.

He said this kind of tendency would not augur well for the struggle that was aimed at protecting the integrity of the State. He accused the YSR Congress leaders of being selfish and looking for political gains in the movement and said people were watching the developments. Mr. Venkatesh also feared trouble during the Ganesh idol procession on Tuesday saying that YSR leaders would stoop to any level and such devilish acts were not new to them.

Meanwhile, Mr. S.V. Mohan Reddy denied support to Samaikyandhra activists who targeted Mr. Venkatesh and said he would quit politics if Mr. Venkatesh proved his involvement.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Teachers JAC, Saibaba and Subbarayudu, told reporters in the presence of Mr. Venkatesh that the body was not responsible for the assault on the convoy of Mr. Venkatesh. They said carrying out attacks on convoys and demonstrations at the residences of leaders was not their agenda. The anti-social elements who infiltrated the movement were indulging in violence. They said the JAC was fighting for the ultimate aim of protecting the unified State.


Footwear thrown at TGV’s convoy September 16, 2013