Three days after the online ticketing fraud in the A.P. State Road Transport Corporation came to light, its Vice-Chairman & Managing Director A.K. Khan said the investigation was proceeding in the right direction and that the culprits would be apprehended very soon.

At a press conference here on Saturday after his return from an official trip abroad, Mr. Khan said he had held detailed discussions with senior officials on the steps required to prevent the recurrence of such a fraud.

“The first step we initiated was doing away with multi-location access by ATB (Authorised Ticket Booking) agents, followed by a policy of frequent change of passwords and making online top-up of credit compulsory on the Online Passenger Reservation System (OPRS),” he explained.

Also, the APSRTC has asked the software provider ‘’ to incorporate alerts whenever ‘abnormal’ activity like booking of high-value tickets took place or large amount of credit was given to ATB agents on their account, he stated.

“We have formed State-wide committees with senior officials looking into finalisation of collections at booking counters and making it compulsory for Depot Clerks (Earnings) to ensure that cash is tallied every day without fail,” he informed. Asked for details about the police investigation, Mr. Khan said the case would be cracked and the culprits apprehended in three to four days.