They want to press for trifurcation of State

With signals emanating from the national capital on the likelihood of the carving out of a separate Telangana State, the Rayalaseema Joint Action Committee (JAC) has announced to stay put in Delhi from January 20 to press for its often made trifurcation demand.

The JAC, which is spearheading the movement for over a year, leaves ample indication to the Centre that if the formation of Telangana is inevitable, then carving out Rayalaseema out of the southern districts should be imminent.

Pointing to page 119 of Srikrishna Commission’s voluminous report, the JAC points out that Rayalaseema has been shown as the most-deprived region in the State.

“The commission has clearly mentioned that due to sheer size of economy, Telangana can sustain as a State, either with or without Hyderabad as its capital, but the other combination of Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema cannot sustain,” says Bhuman, vice-president and official spokesperson of the JAC.

Irrespective of whether the Centre decides to keep the State united or in favour of separate Telangana, the JAC is no mood to stay in Andhra Pradesh.

“Geographically, Rayalaseema is spread over 70,000 sq. km and the four large districts, when split as per the policy in vogue, will become ten, which is enough for a State”, says Mr. Bhuman, adding that Nellore district as a whole and Markapuram, Giddalur and Yerragondapalem areas of Prakasam would opt to stay with Rayalaseema, with which they shared cultural affinity.

In terms of re-grouping, the JAC leader also pointed to the fact that the 119 MLAs of Telangana and 122 MLAs of Circar could always emerge as effective pressure groups, meting out a raw deal to Rayalaseema having a mere 53 legislators. As an example, he cited the issue of Pothireddypadu head regulator, considered the lifeline to Rayalaseema, and recalled how the two regions made an issue out of it.

“Even if Telangana agrees to stay united, we are in no mood to relent,” he says bluntly.

Mr. Bhuman also brushed aside the talk of Maoist violence erupting in smaller States, indicating that Uttarakhand, Delhi, Goa and Puducherry never witnessed such issues. The State of Rayalaseema would be self-sufficient thanks to the presence of tourist places, minerals resources and red sander wood.

He appealed to champions of the Rayalaseema cause to be part of the delegation.