People are scared of coming out of homes due to rising day temperature, resulting in roads wearing a deserted look in Nizamabad town. Coupled with rising mercury, local body elections reduced the influx of people from rural areas to the town.

People prefer to stay indoors unless they have urgent works outside. If they have to attend works outdoors, they want to finish them as early as possible before the noon. Two-wheeler users are seen travelling taking all precautions with full protection to the body. While general business activity remains sluggish following the restrictions on the carry of huge amounts and also the hustings, business of summer beverages has been peaking by the day. Outlets of tender coconuts, soft drinks, ice-creams, sharbats and fruit juices are mushrooming on roads, let alone free drinking water centres.

Demand for air conditioners, air coolers and fans is on the rise and all AC repair centres are replete with defunct gadgets. Power cut for longer durations is hampering the work of mechanics. Vendors of cold beverages are having a field day with a lot of business and are also collecting higher prices. Meanwhile, this day last year, the temperature was not so high. Ironically, temperature peaked all of a sudden as it was moderate till fourth week of March.

In the first ten days of the last month, untimely rains brought a blend of cheer and sorrow, pleasure because of chilled weather and sadness as it played havoc with crops.

Adilabad sizzles at 43.5 degrees

Adilabad Special Correspondent adds: Adilabad district sizzled at 43.5 degree Celsius on Monday, the hottest day of the season. The rising day temperature is likely to impact electioneering which, as it is, is lacking in gusto.

Observers predict a heat wave in a few days from now which will prove to be a dampener on the campaigning for the general elections, polling for which is scheduled on April 30. The temperatures will be higher in the rural areas owing to the forests going dry for much of the summer season.

Temperature remained around 40 degree Celsius on April 6, when the first phase of polling for the MPTCs and ZPTCs were held in the district. This was one of the main reasons for polling percentage registering 79 per cent, slightly less than expected.