Police on Wednesday raided the houses of Paritala Sunita, Telugu Desam MLA and wife of slain leader Paritala Ravindra, and her relatives in Anantapur town besides Gangampalli and Venkatapuram villages of the district.

Apart from the house of the Raptadu MLA, police searched the houses of Narayana Chowdhary and Usha, sister of Paritala Ravi, apparently on the lookout for Paritala Sreeram, who is an accused in the foiled bid to kill Congress leader Kamireddypalli Sudhakar Reddy. Another team searched Paritala Ravi’s ancestral house in his native Venkatapuram.

Sreeram is accused by the police of having been the mastermind along with Nagoor Hussain, a former aide of Paritala Ravindra, in the botched up conspiracy to kill their political rival Sudhakar Reddy.

Superintendent of Police Shah Nawaz Qasim told reporters that his department was determined to see that factional violence does not raise its head in the district and that he would spare none. He asserted that police had the rights to raid any place if they had a reasonable suspicion that that a criminal was hiding in the premises. Wednesday’s searches were an effort in the direction of catching the remaining accused in the conspiracy case.

Special teams

Already three teams had been formed to nab the absconding accused. One team had been sent to Karnataka while two more were working in the district.