Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh has termed BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi ‘a liar who denied basic rights to his legally wedded wife.’

In an email interaction with The Hindu, Mr. Singh questioned the motive behind Mr. Modi hiding his marriage from the people. “He hid this fact in his nomination papers in all the Assembly elections he has fought till now and how can the nation trust such a man,” Mr. Singh asked.

He was referring to Mr. Modi admitting his marriage to Jashodaben in the affidavit filed before the Vadodara Returning Officer, Vinod Rao. In all the four Assembly elections he fought, Mr. Modi preferred to keep the “Spouse Column” blank.

Mr. Singh, who doesn’t mince words while targeting Mr. Modi, termed him a nominee of the rich and corporate. “I have never seen so much money being spent in any election till now. Modi and not BJP it appears to be spending nothing less than Rs. 5,000 crore only on the Ad Campaign,” he said.

The AICC General Secretary accused Mr. Modi of being ignorant of Geography and History of India. “He not only stalks unsuspecting women clandestinely (obviously referring to the alleged telephone tapping of a girl in Gujarat) but denies the basic rights to his legally wedded wife and the nation cannot trust him,” he added.