Sounds incredible but the MIM has decided to create a women’s wing.

The party feels it just can’t ignore the fair sex who constitutes 50 percent of the population. With this bold decision the Majlis wants to prove wrong its detractors who accuse it of not working for emancipation of Muslim women.

“We have to accept the reality. Women are our biggest supporters”, says the Majlis president, Asaduddin Owaisi.

Sources say political expediency is behind the Majlis decision to think of forming a separate women’s wing.

In the coming civic polls 50 per cent of the seats are reserved for women and the Majlis wants to take advantage of it by championing the cause of the fair sex, it is said.

Party’s Chintalbasti corporator, Yasmeen Sultana, an advocate, is tipped to be the convenor and the co-opted member, Ayesha Rubina, joint convenor of the ‘shoba-e-khwateen’.

A hint of this was given by Mr. Owaisi on Monday and it was greeted with applause by party workers.