ACB arrests in the last six months an indicator of the trend

It’s the young government employees in Adilabad, having yet to settle down in the service, who seem to be in a great hurry to earn money by crook. The trend is quite visible in the arrests made by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the recent months in the district.

The last six months saw four Sub-Inspectors of police, three Tahsildars and a few lower-level revenue employees being arrested for taking bribes. Two of the SIs and one Tahsildar were arrested in their first posting itself.

There are about 40 SIs who have been posted to various police stations in the district during the last one year or so. Rumours regarding corruption by many of the new incumbents began circulating no sooner than they took charge of their respective postings.

In a few cases, the police officers in question were known to insist on some money being paid for release of given accused from custody. In one of the cases, the reason for the SI to demand money was to drop a case against the accused.

In the case of revenue officials, Tahsildars are paid bribes to manufacture false title papers for precious pieces of land. They are paid huge sums especially by realtors to earn favour mostly in land disputes.

“Officials of the younger generation insist on bribes even if it means harassment of the complainant. We get complaints only when the complainant cannot bear the harassment any longer,” opines an ACB officer.