Notwithstanding the claims by Telangana leaders that the debate on AP Reorganisation Bill 2013 has began on Monday, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy is firm that the discussion be held in a specially convened session, probably for 15 working days, after Christmas.

The Chief Minister, at a meeting with Seemandhra Ministers in his camp office on Monday night, felt that a special session would give them ample time to discuss the Bill. However, some Ministers suggested that he should examine the scope for initiating the Bill in the ongoing session before adjourning the House sine die.

The Chief Minister is said to have pointed out that he would attend the BAC meeting to take a final call on the debate. The meeting also decided to explore legal possibilities to stall the bifurcation Bill.

Seemandhra Ministers strongly asserted that debate on the bifurcation Bill was not initiated and it would begin only after due consideration by the Business Advisory Committee (BAC). Earlier, these Ministers met in the chambers of Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy to chalk out the strategy in the House. The Seemandhra Ministers also took the advice of former Advocate General Mohan Reddy and S. Ramachandra Rao who suggested that a PIL could be filed in the Supreme Court against the bifurcation Bill.

A Minister told The Hindu that the Chief Minister was opposed to taking up debate in the present session which, in the normal course, should conclude on Wednesday. “He will try to utilise the time given by President Pranab Mukherjee till January 23,” he said.

Additional time

Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh said they would not hesitate to seek additional time to discuss the Bill.