‘People can expect better policing in the days to come’

Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy on Friday condemned the tragic death of Bethala Kantha Suneela at Tenali and said that the accused would be given the most stringent punishment.

Referring to the incident at Tenali, the Chief Minister said that one should respect women and provide a safe environment for them to live and work. He also said that people in the State could be assured of better policing in the days to come as a single telephone call to ‘100’ would bring the policemen to the doorstep of the complainant.

‘Dial 100’

The ‘Dial 100’ facility was being extended across the State and calls received at the respective districts and Police Commissionerates would be routed to a central server at Hyderabad and to the respective district superintendents of police/police commissioners.

“We received over 40,000 calls on Thursday in Hyderabad after the ‘Dial 100’ facility was thrown open to the public,” the Chief Minister said.