YSR Congress Party candidate Konda Surekha minced no words in attacking TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his family, who, according to her are exploiting the separate Telangana sentiment.

Ms. Surekha accused KCR of making money out of suicides by innocent youth who gave their lives for the cause of separate Telangana. His family members have been extorting huge sums from film industry and educational institutions owned by people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. “If you vote for TRS, rowdy elements will grow in Parkal. They will extort money from everyone,” she told the huge gathering that turned up for Y.S. Vijayalaxmi's road show.

Responding to criticism by TRS leaders that she made money under YSR regime, she challenged them to prove it and offered to move out of Warangal. KCR is eagerly looking for someone to commit suicide and then he would go to Congress president Sonia Gandhi to receive suitcases showing that the Telangana movement is on the rise, she claimed.

Appealing to people to question KCR who had been hoodwinking people every time saying that this one election was very crucial to Telangana statehood, Ms. Surekha reminded that he kept setting deadlines and making false promises. She urged people not to fall in KCR's trap, who had deprived youth of their education and innocent wage earners of their daily bread in the name of general strike. “Your children will wander on the roads while KCR's grandchildren go to schools run by Andhra people. Is this justified?” she sought to know.

Mr. Konda Muralidhar Rao too appealed to voters of Parkal to question KCR over his promises.

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