‘Panchanga Sravanam’ held on the eve of Ugadi at Raj Bhavan

Astrologer Sagi Kamalakar Sarma on Sunday evening predicted victory for all during ‘Jayanama’ Telugu New Year that starts on Monday, a year when he said everything that everyone wished for would come true, if they took the required safeguards.

The Telugu professor read out what the stars had in store for Telugus across the globe and the State at the lawns of Raj Bhavan, amidst an impressive audience comprising Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan, his wife Vimala, Chief Secretary P.K. Mohanty and Director-General of Police B. Prasada Rao.

Primarily he spoke of ‘Vijayam’ (victory) in ‘Jayanama’ Telugu year and said that ‘Jayanama’ was the 5,115 year in ‘Kaliyuga’. As the Moon signs were favourable, all sections of society would benefit, he said, adding that there would be good rains and a good harvest. He, however, warned of price rise, but in general he said a lot of happiness was in store with a soft and loving Moon, who would still be firm. There would be no new economic policies and focus was required on the law and order front, he predicted.

There were a host of senior officers and practically the who’s who of the State administration listened as Dr. Sarma said that with firm leadership provided by the ‘Raju’ (King) and ‘Mantri’ (Minister), referring to the political leadership, supported by senior officers, much good was in store for the year. The astrologer also read out the forecast for each zodiac sign, much to the happiness of those present.

The prediction was followed by a cultural performance titled ‘Hari Hari Vaibhaan’, a dance ballet by Deepika Reddy and her disciples after which the artistes were honoured.