The public meeting organised by the Kakatiya University students JAC came to an abrupt and chaotic end here with slogan-shouting students and Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS) activists almost coming to blows.

An hour after the meeting began, popular folk singer Desapati Srinivas enthused the students by his renditions and eloquent speech. However, due to paucity of time, he had to cut short his speech to make way for MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga. But the large crowd comprising students insisted on Mr. Srinivas continuing his speech.

As soon as Mr. Krishna began his speech, scores of students below the dais hurled water sachets and empty water bottles in an attempt to stop him from speaking. Enraged by this, MRPS members tried to manhandle the other students. Mr. Srinivas too was beaten up.

The policemen who remained silent onlookers were forced to enter the scene. They surrounded the dais and some went up and vacated the place.


Meanwhile, the tiff continued between the MRPS and other students accusing each other of trying to gain an upper hand. The police were compelled to use mild force to disperse the crowds from the venue thus bringing the meeting to an end. Social activist Swami Agnivesh, balladeer Vimala and women rights activist Sandhya and others had to leave.

The meeting itself began with lots of problems due to increased restrictions from the police in the wake of High Court’s order.

Earlier, the speakers, including TRS ideologue K Jayashankar, academics T Papi Reddy, K. Venkatanarayana, A. Sitaram Naik and some student leaders wanted the students to continue their struggle till separate Telangana was achieved. They listed the injustices done to the Telangana region for long.

They wanted the students not to allow political leaders into their movement. The students were asked not to lose heart and commit suicide in a fit of emotion. Instead, the students should patiently carry on their agitation.