The Supreme Court has held that Hyderabad would be a “free zone”, entitling people from other parts of the state to compete in police and other important government jobs.

A bench of Justices G.S. Singhvi and Mukundakam Sharma dismissed the review petition filed by the Andhra Pradesh government challenging its October 9, 2009 judgement holding that Hyderabad was a “free zone” and does not preclude others from competing/working under certain government jobs including the city police wing.

“We have perused the review petitions and record of the civil appeals, and are convinced that the judgment for which review has been sought does not suffer from any error apparent warranting its reconsideration. Hence, the review petitions are dismissed,” the apex court said in a terse order.

The apex court’s judgement assumes significance as the supporters of a separate Telangana have been insisting that Hyderabad be a part of the proposed state as and when it is carved out of Andhra Pradesh. Those for a unified state want Hyderabad to be made a union territory.

The apex court had earlier ruled that people from all parts of the state would have equal rights in government jobs, postings and promotions as clause 14(f), of the Presidential Order, 1975, explicitly excluded certain posts, including those recruited under the Hyderabad City Police Act, from any restriction in matters of appointments and postings.