TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu on Monday demanded that the state government take stern action against the officials who failed to prevent the devastating floods despite the prior warning from Central Water Commission (CWC).

He told reporters here that though the CWC on September 29 warned the State officials of heavy in-flow of water from upper stream of Krishna river into Srisailam project, the officials did not heed to the caution.

The opposition leader said the officials concerned failed to prevent the floods and the administration is totally responsible for the disaster.

Mr. Naidu further alleged that Irrigation Department engineers and ministers concerned from state government did not follow the instructions of Central Disaster Management Department to prevent the floods. Improper maintenance of river bunds in Krishna and Guntur districts also led to the floods, he said.

He alleged that though his government prepared a plan of action to strengthen the bunds of river Krishna in both Guntur and Krishna districts, corrupted officials and ministers concerned changed the designs and allotted works to inefficient contractors.