Thanks to the concerted campaign by government agencies, NGOs and schoolchildren, people are going for clay idols

The demand for clay Ganesh idols is high this year, thanks to the campaign by the schools, individuals, NGOs and government organisations for environment protection.

The targeted section of the campaign, the schoolchildren, has become pioneers discouraging the elders from using the idols made of Plaster-of-Paris and chemicals.

Government agencies such as municipal corporation and KUDA have come forward and tied up with NGO ‘A Save’ which is making and distributing clay Ganesh idols in large numbers at select places in the town. Similarly, the Ramakrishna Seva Samiti was also making and distributing clay idols in Circuit Guest House road.

Environmental activist, V. Gurunadha Rao, said the awareness level has increased manifold on the importance of using clay idols. “The main target of the campaign is children. Now they are thoroughly aware of the issue. They are insisting on use of clay idols against the POP and chemicals,” he pointed out.

He trained several schoolchildren in and around Mahabubabad town in making clay idols and got them distributed in localities around.

A potter man, Sarangapani, says in the past none bothered to buy clay idols. “Only traditionalists used to buy small clay idols for puja. Now there is demand for idols one to three feet and even high for the Navaratri celebrations,” he explained.

Prof M. Panduranga Rao who has been associated with the task of protecting the drinking water bodies in tri-cities of Warangal, Hanamkonda and Kazipet said the Bhadrakali tank has now become lifeline for citizens after its conversion into a drinking water source and as such it was all the more important to check pollution in the water body.

“We have been telling people to save our tanks. Now I see some change in the attitude of people. But still lot needs to be done to revive all the old tanks to their pristine glory,” he opined.