Manmohan criticised for denying appointment to party delegation on Krishna waters issue

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for denying appointment to the party’s delegation for submission of a memorandum on the grave injustice meted to the State in allocation of Krishna water by Brijesh Kumar tribunal.

‘Serious issue’

Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Mr. Naidu wondered if the issue of lakhs of farmers in 14 districts across three regions of the State being affected by the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal-II’s award was not serious enough warranting a meeting with Prime Minister.

Meanwhile TDP MPs led by Parliamentary party leader, Nama Nageswara Rao were arrested by police when they were marching towards Prime Minister’s residence to protest against denial of appointment.

Mr. Naidu said people of Andhra Pradesh were angry ever since the Tribunal gave its verdict as it virtually snatched away its freedom to use surplus water accorded by the previous Bachawat Tribunal.

‘AP will turn into desert’

It meant more than half of the State turning into a desert not only affecting farmers, tenant farmers but farm labourers too. “I just wanted to highlight this injustice to the State before the Prime Minister by taking my MPs and other people’s representatives. “

But the Prime Minister chose not to meet the party’s delegation over an issue affecting crores of people, he said. In contrast, the Prime Minister spared time for those who were jailed for their involvement in scandals and looting of public wealth worth crores of rupees, he said in an indirect reference to the way the YSRCP MP, Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy got the appointment recently. He wondered if it was PMO which decided his appointment or the 10, Janpath.