For the first time in more than two months, the movement by AP non-gazetted officers' association (APNGOs) took a violent turn on Saturday after the sons of Congress MP G. V. Harsha Kumar assaulted agitating NGOs with canes.

Incensed by the attack by the assault, the NGOs along with large number of public attacked the Rajiv Gandhi College owned by the MP and indulged in large scale violence. They demanded arrest of G.V. Sriraj and Sunder, sons of Mr. Kumar.

Led by G. Haribabu, the AP NGOs went to AP Paper Mills main gate and blocked the route leading to the mill. They demanded to shutdown the plant in support of the united AP movement.

The agitators went to nearby Rajiv Gandhi educational institutions and got ready to stage demonstration leading to an altercation.

Some of the supporters of Sriraj and Sunder attacked NGOs who pelted stones on the buses owned by the institution. Annoyed by this sudden action, the MPs’ sons brutally beat up the NGOs leading to injuries to one Prabhu.

Soon, a large number of protestors from all over the city rushed to the spot along with leaders of the joint action committee. The mob went on a rampage and pelted stones at the college. 

Five buses were destroyed and the mob tried to set fire them on fire. The mob also pulled out air-conditioners and set them on fire in front of the college using truck tyres.  

After three-hours of brick-batting, the Urban SP T. Ravikumar Murthy took Sriraj and Sunder into custody.

Police called additional reinforcements and fired tear gas shells to disperse the mob.