Leadership planning to include demands for 10 more States in its manifesto with a hope of bagging more seats

The Telugu Desam Party MP Y. Satyanarayana (Sujana) Chowdary has criticised the Congress for its attempts to use bifurcation as a tool for political gains in the next elections.

After carving out separate Telangana, the Congress leadership was planning to include demands for 10 more States in its manifesto with a hope that it could bag seats in these areas.

The Congress was hurriedly going ahead with the bifurcation process as it was apprehensive that the growing support to BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee Narendra Modi could hamper its prospects in the coming elections. “The Congress is indulging in divisive politics to split votes and get some advantage,” he said.

Though the TDP was not opposed to formation of separate Telangana, it was opposed to the manner in which the Congress was going ahead with the process. “The Congress had no moral right to seek the passage of the Bill at a time when the Government was on its way out,” he said

The Congress should apologise to the country as it was the ruling party’s “mishandling’’ of bifurcation that resulted in the unprecedented developments in the Parliament.

While the Congress was trying to bulldoze the process stifling the voice of the MPs, the presiding officers of the two Houses appeared concerned about the numbers.

Replying to queries, he said there was uncertainty over the likely shape of things on Monday when the Bill was expected to come up for debate.


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