Is there a way to use your SIM card without radiation and still enjoy unhindered mobility? Yes, says the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), highlighting the facility that is not yet popular among the masses.

Faced with dwindling number of new landline connection-seekers and surrender of existing ones, the BSNL has perhaps found a real alternative to the problem in the Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) with a cellular slot.

The product is a mix of a landline and a mobile phone. It is as simple as using a landline phone wherein we dial from a larger numeric pad, speak/hear using a receiver. Technology-wise, it is GSM-based and a SIM card has to be inserted in the slot meant for it.

“This way, one can convert the existing mobile number to a FWL phone, enjoy all the benefits associated with mobile tariff plans and talk as long as required without attracting the ill-effects of radiation,” says M. Ravi Babu, General Manager of BSNL’s Tirupati Telecom District at a media conference here on Saturday.

Priced at Rs.1,000, the product comes with a free talk-time of 125 minutes per month, which in other words means the handset can be owned in ten months.

What more, the phone, though bulky, can be carried anywhere like a mobile. With underground cables getting snapped more frequently due to widening of roads, drains and culverts, causing dislocation of services, the Nigam is focusing more on wireless technology to reach out to its customers.