Talk of a TRS-BJP alliance may upset the applecart of many an aspirant

Ticket aspirants in BJP and also in the TRS are in the grip of fear in the wake of reports that the TRS is toying with the idea of having a truck with the former, thinking that their prospects of getting party ticket will get dashed in the event of an alliance between the two parties.

Taking a cue from the party’s State leadership, the BJP ticket aspirants started touring constituencies, meeting cadres and organising meetings and so on a long time ago. Thus, they spent money and time towards such activities. In Nizamabad rural Assembly segment, Gaddam Anand Reddy and an NRI, Ramana Reddy, are vying with each other for the BJP ticket and making their efforts in their own way.

Prospects in jeopardy

Here orthopaedician R. Bhoopathi Reddy has been a strong aspirant for TRS ticket and as a constituency party in-charge he extensively toured and nurtured contacts at the cost of his busy medical practice. If the party aligns with BJP his prospects will get jeopardised.

In Yellareddy constituency, Banala Lakshma Reddy, who is expecting the ticket, has been fully dedicated to party activities and rallied several hundred people behind the party in the last three years.

He took out padayatras and made strenuous efforts to take the party to the grassroot level. If the TRS insists on continuing its sitting MLA, E. Ravinder Reddy, here the alliance may prove to be a bane for Lakshma Reddy.

In Balkonda Assembly constituency, the TRS leadership has already announced Vemula Prasanth Reddy as its candidate. With this, T. Sunil Reddy who joined the BJP from Telangana Jagruti with clear promise of getting ticket cannot be accommodated. He also focused his entire attention on nurturing relations and improving the party.

Equations changing

The TRS leadership announced its first candidate, A. Jeevan Reddy, in Armoor some seven months ago. Here the former TRS district president, Alur Ganga Reddy, joined the BJP with clear assurance of securing the ticket. In the probable new equations their position is uncertain. Similarly in Bodhan, Capt. C. Karunakar Reddy was highlighted as the BJP candidate all these days.

He may not obey the party directive in the event of his being changed to accommodate TRS nominee Md. Shakeel who lost to P. Sudarshan Reddy by a narrow margin in the last election.

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