Gunmen killed one person and wounded four others on Tuesday, in yet another attack on anti—government protesters in Thailand’s long political crisis, authorities said.

The shots were fired in midafternoon at a bus and a flatbed truck carrying demonstrators to their encampment in central Bangkok after they had protested at a complex of government offices just north of the city.

The website for Erawan emergency services said three men and two women were shot and one of the men died at a hospital.

The women were on a bus and the men were guards for the protesters who were on a sound truck, said Nasser Yeemah, who heads the self—described guards for the Student and People’s Network for the Reform of Thailand protest group. He said he suspected the shots were fired from a tall building alongside the expressway where the vehicles were travelling.

The student network is a militant faction of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, which has been seeking to have Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra resign to make way for an interim appointed government to initiate anti—corruption reforms.

Police Maj. Gen. Anucha Romyanan confirmed the circumstances of the shooting and said it was not immediately known what type of weapon was used.

Protest—related violence has left 24 dead and hundreds hurt since November.

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