Sporting DNA can come in handy even off the field. Cristina, daughter of famed former baseball player Joe Torre, on Wednesday made a life-saving catch, pouching an infant that fell from a second-storey height.

The 44-year-old Cristina, a Montessori educator who works closely with children, had just stepped out of her home in Brooklyn when she spotted a toddler placed precariously atop the awning of a yoghurt shop, said New York Daily News, quoting police sources.

Even as she dialled 911, the toddler fell. Cristina swiftly positioned herself under the baby’s path and held him before he could hit the pavement.

One-year-old Dylan Miller had earlier tumbled out of a window and rolled onto the awning through the fire escape chute.

“People have been really kind … expressing gratitude … I personally have been in shock,” said Cristina.

Dylan’s parents — Tiffany Demitro, 24, and Sam Miller, 23 — who were asleep at the time of the accident, were charged with reckless endangerment and acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17, police said.

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