A U.S. woman staged a fake funeral for her daughter in a bid to con money out of family and friends, it was reported here Wednesday.

Angela Boyd arranged the funeral service at a church in Richmond, Indiana after claiming her 15-year-old daughter had been raped and killed by her father, the Daily Mail reported.

Dozens of people turned up to pay their last respects —— unaware the teenager was alive and well and living in another state.

Boyd, 38, had placed a collection box in the church which read: “Donations to the Autistic Society.

But her fraud came to an end when her brother interrupted the funeral and announced that the “dead” girl was alive, the report said.

Boyd ran in tears from the church without taking the money. She has not been charged with any offence, but police are continuing their investigation.

Boyd had approached a pastor to hold a memorial service for her daughter.

She told the pastor her ex-husband had raped and killed their teenage daughter in Iowa.

Unaware that anything was wrong the pastor gave the eulogy, after which Boyd delivered a heart—wrenching speech about her daughter’s life.

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