At least seven people were killed in Uganda when supporters of the traditional ruler of the country’s largest ethnic group clashed with security forces in the country’s capital.

AP photographer Stephen Wandera counted seven bodies as police and the army clashed with stone-throwing protesters who burned tires on Thursday in Kampala. The fatalities all appeared to be civilians.

Several other people were injured as protesters set stacks of tires on fire and threw stones at police vehicles. The security forces responded by firing in the air and at apartment blocks from which residents were throwing stones.

The clashes began when a representative of the traditional ruler of the Buganda kingdom, Uganda’s largest ethnic group, was prevented from travelling to a region northeast of the capital to prepare for a political rally Saturday.

The Buganda advocate a federal system, which would strengthen their traditional ruler’s influence. This has been resisted by the central government, led by President Yoweri Museveni. Currently the country’s traditional rulers are restricted to a largely ceremonial role.

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